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Keeping my faith in you Deep in my heart of hearts Keeping my faith in you Deep in my heart of hearts.

God’s ways are perfect.

You've been worried, puzzled Surrounded by big trouble But I'm keeping my faith in you Keeping my faith in you My faith in you Keeping my faith in you My faith in you Keeping my faith in you My faith in you. Please click here if you are not redirected within a few seconds. I just love how long we've known each other And I know you care about me But I can't tell just where your life is going You've been quite a mystery You've got all of these brand new friends They keep taking your confidence But I'm keeping my faith in you Deep in my heart of hearts You've been worried, puzzled, surrounded by your trouble But I'm keeping my faith in you We all cried when your first bow was taken No one could be prouder of you But I care more about your heart if it's aching If I'm your friend, what else can I do?

Sunday, October 27, Cancer or what? So, this isn't going to be a long post. I just wanted to give you guys an update all at once and will keep you updated. Plus, I need to work on moving this right hand.

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This is why Friday morning, at approximately, 11 a. I wasn't looking, as I've been picking up things for as long as I can remember Suddenly, my right hand was so cold. I looked down and it was somewhat curled in and not moving. I stood up straight and realized I had no feeling or control of my right elbow down. Happy Halloween! Something had finally scared me I was by myself and not thinking correctly. I tried to swipe open my phone with my right hand but couldn't get it to open. I'm not sure why I didn't think to lay my phone down with my left hand to facilitate it.

I think I was terrified to even put it down.

How Can I Keep My Faith When Things Are Just So Difficult? | Bayless Conley

Siri came in handy, she called for me. I never use her. But she worked great! The paramedic was looking for someone much older. I explained it was me. We checked my vitals and all was well. They suggested I leave with them for the hospital though. I was brought in as a possible stroke. The right side of my face wasn't smiling all of the way either. They ran every test I could think of.

Then, they came in and told me they were admitting me. I had to wait until the next day before speaking with the neurosurgeon on call. We aren't sure what it is. After discussing with neuro and my oncologist, it was decided that I go back to Atlanta and consult with neurology there since most of my films are there.

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This area is no where close to my craniotomy sight. So, we aren't sure if it was a stroke, TIA, or the cancer has spread again to the brain. My official diagnosis was Mets to the brain.

My mom and I are leaving for Atlanta tomorrow. I wanted to go out to eat with Karley before my birthday, but God has other plans, which probably involve the hospital. Yay for 40! Thank you all for your continuous prayers. Karley, if you come across this, know that I love you so very much and there is nothing in this world that could stop me from loving you and I know you feel the same way about me.

Even through this teenage phase. I know that you're scared and try to put on a brave face. I couldn't me more proud to be your mom. I'm so sorry I don't tell you enough. Anyways, I'll update later this week This was a huge reminder of how we never know when our time could be up. So, hug your loved ones and hold them tight. Don't go to bed mad.

keep the faith

Don't even leave your loved ones mad. You never know what could happen. Love you all and thanks for letting me practice my typing. I'm a little slow I know I have to turn it over to God, it's more than I can handle, so that's what I'm doing. Update soon. Got my smile back before leaving the hospital! Saturday, September 28, Results of the Cautiously Optimistic. I went in for my results yesterday. As with the other radiation I've had to my lung, it's very cloudy and sometimes we aren't able to fully tell anything for months to a year.

We are going to try to keep me on petscans so we can find anything growing, but you know insurance companies So, nothing lit up on my new pet scan, which is nothing short of the work of God! I feel so blessed that he continues to lead my oncologist into making the right decisions for me.

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So, what does this mean? It means they found no active cancer! I say cautiously optimistic because the cloud is there, but I'll take that win! We've started joking around that my father and I have cockroach DNA. I know, sounds supergross, but we get knocked down and get back up and keep on going. I'm not sure how many lives we are on now. So, cockroach DNA for the win this time! I trust in his reasoning wholeheartedly. I may have had a few anxiety attacks When I was packing, one of Karley's cats had his own anxiety attack and ran away.

He was gone for two days and the worrying about that along with scans was making me nuts. But early, the morning of my scan results, my dear friend Jennifer called to let me know he came home.


I was overjoyed, and it was then, I knew it would be a good day. Pics below, the orange one was missing and his sister was either trying to scare him from coming back or waiting on him. I'm not sure. My next scan will be in December. At that point I will have surpassed 7 years on my first line treatment of tarceva. We've had some bumps in the road but have been coming out on top each time. I ask you all to continue to pray that I keep going, especially for my daughter. Statistics are still not good and I continue to surpass them.

Please pray for my four friends from Jonesboro High School who also have cancer, we started our own group chat. I met Angela Miller for lunch. Let me just say you are in for a real treat if you try holding a conversation with either of us. We forget words, get confused on topics of discussion, forget in an instant what we are saying.

It did make me laugh longer than I have in a while though. I hate she's going through this too but I't makes me feel a little better that I'm not a mess by myself. Please pray for her, she has 3 little ones she loves so much. I know how hard it is to have your world turn upside down. Its devastating. My dearest friend in St. Simons recently got diagnosed with breast cancer.

I swear I'm not giving it to people! We need love more than we need the air we breathe. Without it, our lives cease to make sense.