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The stories were a real mixed box of chocolates. Some so delicious that I wanted thirds and fourths. Others that were a waste of calories. Others that I could barely take a bite of. To each her own, I suppose. Here is a brief overview and ratings: Girona, by Stella Sandberg 4 stars Two masculine girls on bikes have an encounter on a lonely Spanish Road while travelling.

How to Plot an Erotica Novel

In the Sauna by Stella Watts Kelley 3 stars Two suburban housewives explore their bicuriousity in the sauna on a shared spa day paid by their husbands Jubilee by Betty Blue 3 stars A female preacher dresses as a man and seduces female parishioners until she is conned herself. Sweet Tooth by Sophia Valente 3 stars A cupcake princess needs some girl honey.

Blood Ties by Alex Tucci 3. I have to do some research on lesbians that pack He-she on the train by Maggie Veness 3. Lives of the Saints by Holly Farris 0 stars Atrocious writing Dunphy 4. Three very sensual encounters of an established Lezzie couple Amy's first lesson by Dani M.

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Shameless by Kymberlyn Reed and Anais Morten 4. A sexy lesbian couple show two hunky men who is boss Flick Chicks by Alison Wonderland 3 stars Two lipstick lesbians engage in a little bit of spanking.

Star Crossed (Battered Hearts Book 2) by Kele Moon

The Purple Gloves by Gala Fur 3. The Kitchen Light by Nicole Wolfe 3 stars A pretty femme has a very hot encounter with a tomboyish handy woman who is very "handy" lol Uppercasing by Charlie Anders 4 stars Not erotica but a really good story about how abuse can manifest within a lesbian relationship Pinup by Vanessa Vaughn 3. Not my thing. Brush Strokes by Elizabeth Cage 3 stars Funny, hot and playful.

Two young women have a casual encounter that involves hairbrushes and shampoo. From the Halls of Montezuma by R. Emanuelle 2. Tasting Chantal by D. King 3. Ridden by Natt Nightly 1. Let's leave it at that. Thanksgiving by Molly Bloom 4 stars A fun and poetic lesbian orgy. I will end with a quote by Sappho: "You came and I was longing for you. You cooled a heart that burned with desire.

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View all 32 comments. Jan 03, Susan rated it liked it. Some of the stories seemed a bit amateurish while others were well written. In a nutshell: when the stories were hot When they were not.. Apr 01, Jean Roberta rated it really liked it. This annual anthology, originally edited by Tristan Taormino and a consulting editor, is now edited by Kathleen Warnock and a consulting editor. As Kathleen Warnock explains in her introduction: "How did I get here?

I bought copies of her 'zine Pucker Up, and thought This annual anthology, originally edited by Tristan Taormino and a consulting editor, is now edited by Kathleen Warnock and a consulting editor. I bought copies of her 'zine Pucker Up, and thought I might try to write some of that lesbian erotica stuff. In that monumentally creative downtown scene, I sometimes ran into Tristan at a popular lesbian rock party called Fragglerock, where woman-fronted and all-girl bands were featured, and fabulous musicians played in all-star pickup bands, doing tributes to their godmothers and godfathers.

Series editor Kathleen goes on to explain why she invited BETTY to choose the stories for this edition of Best Lesbian Erotica: "Songwriters have the task of telling a life or a moment in a couple of dozen lines. It's a form that requires form, as well as style, craft, tempo, rhythm and talent to pull it off successfully.

So I approached Elizabeth who had moved on to work on a television show you may have heard of: The L Word , and she told me she was being treated for breast cancer, and recommended her sister, Amy. And, well, if you've got Elizabeth and Amy, you've got to have Alyson. Incestuous relationships among creative types who are all in the same "scene," however defined, shouldn't shock anyone.

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And lesbians who have been "out" for more than one relationship are aware of belonging to an army of ex-lovers; sometimes it seems as if every one of us is less than six degrees i. But still, can a New York editor who inherited the position from another New York editor and who shared the honor with a local band honestly claim that the series has an international scope?

But it seems unlikely that they will ever be asked to guest-edit an anthology such as Best Lesbian Erotica. Now I've said all that, I'll admit that no one's taste is objective. By definition, taste involves discrimination. The stories in this year's BLE are all competently-written, as usual, but otherwise they are a mixed bag of cliches, poetic but porny descriptions of sex with a near-absence of plot, fabulous topical humor, witty fantasy, insightful realism, and spiritual allegory.

My favorite stories in this collection are by previous contributors to the series. Ruby, a juicy blonde damsel in distress, asks the Reverend for salvation, and her prayer is answered. The plot twist at the end surprises both the reader and the Reverend, who is reminded like us that everyone has a secret. In this comic story, a farm girl from New Jersey named Daphne Gottlieb goes to San Francisco to find "herself," and finds a performance artist by the same name who takes her under her wing.

The more famous Daphne explains "uppercasing" to her protegee: "'We're all born with normal capitalization, but our task in life is to create the block-caps versions of ourselves. And most people never even try. Most people stay mostly lowercase, their whole lives. But she said no. Daphne the mentor, however, teaches the narrator to expect the unexpected. The catalyst that brings the future self into the present narrator's life isn't explicitly described, but by the end of the story, it seems clear that the narrator is less likely to commit suicide.

While relationships between aspects of the same person are often presented as dangerous expressions of narcissism, this one is literally life-saving. Lavinia Lewis , who strikes a pose in a floral dress in her portrait, discovered the explicit genre after reading the Twilight series. The author, who describes herself as 'a shy Welsh woman from a small Welsh village', began trolling the internet for more paranormal romances, and she ultimately stumbled upon erotic fiction. After doing more research, she discovered male-on-male romance, a sub-genre that fascinated her, and she decided to try her hand at writing it.

So far, Lavinia has had six books published and is working on more, but she has chosen to tell just a few close friends about the stories she writes. Inspiration: Lexie Bay pictured , who works as an accounts manager for an insurance broker, is inspired by everyday moments like a wink, a raised eyebrow or 'a brief waft of aftershave' while walking down a street.

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  • Judge Kevin Barry: ‘It could be described almost as a kind of erotic travelogue’.
  • Gardener by day: KD Grace pictured says that even though she has 'never been embarrassed' to tell people that she writes erotica, she still chooses to use a pseudonym. For Louise Cross , the places her imagination takes her are often surprising, even to herself. While she was too embarrassed to use her real name at first, she has recently abandoned her pseudonym, because she has come to realise 'it's only sex! Elizabeth Coldwell , who has written erotic fiction for nearly 25 years, is another writer whose stories explore male-on-male romance, a subject that has 'exploded in popularity' recently, she says.

    Far from hiding her literary pursuits, Elizabeth embraces them. This is in part because she worked in the adult industry before she began writing, so none of her friends or colleagues are shocked that she writes about adult content.