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This tool provides a variety of tools, such as the ability to schedule future updates, Instagram feeds, web uploading and support for multiple accounts perfect for agencies. Marketing professionals understand the importance of remaining organized and introducing a streamlined process. With ScheduGram, you have a greater chance of making this happen. Simply put, a tagboard is a collection of social media posts, such as Instagram photos and Instagram posts that share the same hashtag.

There is more to this tool than simply creating tagboards. Once you do this, you can then embed it on your website, add to mobile apps and much more. Going one step further, your Instagram users have the ability to engage directly with your tagboard, such as by adding comments. From there, you can easily create a tagboard to share with your target audience and improve your marketing campaign.

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One of my favorite features is access to related data. Tagboard is simple to use and has been proven effective for these kind of marketing campaigns for the social networks. The primary purpose of Iconosquare, as it pertains to Instagram marketing, is to help you better measure and optimize your performance on the social network. Before we go any further, let me say that there is a free seven day trial available to first time users.

Best yet, no credit card is required. This should be enough for every marketing professional to at least take a closer look at the tool that could help improve their Instagram marketing. Overall, it comes down to one thing: the depth of the analytics data. As you can see, everything is laid out for you. In this example, an engagement rate of 0. With this in mind, you can then compare the rate to other days and times and make more informed decisions regarding your posting schedule.

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You take an Instagram photo, add it to your account and repeat. Unless you have a large Instagram following, this routine can soon become stale. It can also lead you to waste a lot of time. Flipagram helps protect against this, by providing the ability to create a slideshow video for Instagram. Flipagram helps you to put your products in front of your audience, without asking them to manually move from one photo to the next.

This improves the likelihood of sharing all of your content with your target audience. For example, a restaurant could create a Flipagram that displays all of their best dishes or most popular drinks. If you want your account to stand out when it comes to your Instagram marketing strategy, you need to make it unique. With the help of Flipagram, you can do so with ease. One of your primary Instagram marketing goals is to engage your audience on a regular basis.

Taking this one step further, you should focus on learning more about your audience. This is where AgoraPulse comes into play. It has a variety of features for better understanding your audience. AgoraPulse is one of those tools that you have to experience firsthand, if you truly want to understand its power. Personally, I enjoy the simplicity of the dashboard.

Also, every plan comes with unlimited team member access. This is perfect for companies that have more than one person managing their Instagram account. Although the technology driving Curalate is advanced, using the service is actually quite simple. Curalate has a strong reputation for providing a high level of features to brands that want to make their Instagram feed shoppable.

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Even so, there are other features, such as those detailed above, that you should check out. Are you interested in running promotions via Instagram? Do you have big plans for utilizing user-generated content? If you answered yes to one or both of these questions, Offerpop can be your professional guide when it comes to these kinds of Instagram marketing campaigns.

Unlike some tools on this list that focus on one area of Instagram marketing, Offerpop is all over the place in a good way, of course. For starters, you can use the platform to run promotions and provide exclusive offers to your audience. For companies with a product to sell, this is always an idea to consider.

Moving on, Offerpop has a lot to offer, in regards to user-generated content. The primary goal of Offerpop is to help users collect, curate and manage user-generated content. Doing so allows you to benefit in many ways, such as keeping potential buyers engaged for a longer period of time. The company discusses some of its top user-generated content features on its website, noting the following:. The auto response feature, in particular, is one of my favorites.

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Anything that improves communication via social media is something that I enjoy, as it can go a long way in improving your Instagram marketing results. As you probably know, there is no shortage of image and video editing apps. A new one pops up almost everyday. Typic has long been an industry leader in this space, as it provides the ability to quickly and efficiently add effects and filters to your photos. Typic is popular among all types of users, including those who only use Instagram for personal use. However, there are specific features that make it a top choice for marketing professionals and can definitely help to improve your Instagram marketing strategy.

Best yet, you can save as many as four versions of your logo, allowing you to assign them to your image with a single click. A photo can be more than a photo, when you rely on Typic. This app can help you turn every photo, no matter how mundane, into a work of art. From an Instagram marketing perspective, this is a big deal. SocialUpgrade is a simple service that does all the work for you.

There is more to social media than posting updates and hoping for the best.

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Do you have experience with any of these tools? Share your thoughts and results in the comment section below. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Nearly million Instagram photos and videos shared each day. He leapfrogged from , users for the app in his first 9 months, just by guest blogging. So, you know that guest blogging is effective, but the question is…how can you use it to grow your business? Start by using sites like BloggerLinkUp. Remember to target sites where your potential customers like to hang out.

Write quality guest posts that help them get what they desire, and solve their pains and problems. When Ash was having a tough time converting high quality clients into customers, she took an unusually creative approach. Imagine if one day you receive a physical letter mailed to your address. It has a fake blood sachet stapled to the corner, and it starts of by talking about the attachment, and how your business could be bleeding money.

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The letter then transitions into a sales message about how the consultant who wrote it can help your bleeding business recover. Sending out physical mail catapults you above the noise.

It makes you stand out amongst the hordes of other businesses who bombard their prospects with email. Gather a list of prospects you want to do business with. You can purchase them online or you could compile one yourself time consuming, but a thousand times more effective. After you have your list sorted, think of a way to catch your prospects attention that no one has done before.

Profit Rocket: The five Key Focus Areas to Skyrocket Your Profit by Kelly Clifford -

Can you staple a small attachment to your letter? Or mail a mini treasure chest to your prospects with your letter inside? The next step to skyrocketing your business growth is to boost your conversions; which simply means to increase the amount of people who buy from you.

An article on Psychology Today about the influence of emotions on our buying decisions revealed some interesting finds:. He hired a group of writers to create powerful, emotionally driven stories about unwanted, junk items from thrift stores. The results were mindblowing….

Did you have to make some crazy sacrifices? Did you experience any failures that knocked you down? Or any shocking successes that made you leap for joy? Just take a look at some of the case studies below that showcase how tiny tweaks to your copy sometimes just one word can lead to shocking spikes in conversion rates. Content evangalist Michael Aagaard of contentverve. However one of his most impressive case studies is when he was approached by bettingexpert dot com to increase their email sign ups. They produced amazing results because they blossomed from vague, selfish statements, to benefit driven copy that clamps down on the readers desires and needs.

Take a look at a place on your website where you call your customer to action. If it seems a little vague and self centred, switch it up to something benefit driven, like the examples above. Making your copy benefit oriented is just one way to increase its power, for more tips on supercharging your copy for maximum impact check out this post.

Profit Rocket: The Five Key Focus Areas to Skyrocket Your Profit

Things seem to be getting better already…. The final step towards blasting your businesses growth is to boost your profit from each sale or increase your client lifetime value. So many businesses treat their customers like annoying accessories instead of important people.