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For better or for worse? How would Naruto's life be? What about Gaara, Kankurou, and Temari? Or even Kakashi? Rated T for language. Good thing Bokuto leaves his door open. A walk at Night by Jinx4souls reviews Shinoa should be careful when she decides to go on a nightly stroll. You never know who might show up. Ino's POV by Cafe de Flore reviews The tragedy of passive observation is the slowest way to kill yourself - that's what Ino felt realizing she no longer was the only woman by his side. Nine Months by Aspire2B reviews A baby brings love and joy into a new family.

Too bad every woman must endure the bump and grind of pregnancy, which is anything but glamorous. Who knew that nine months could feel like a lifetime? She was left alone to deal with a monster who continually proved that he had very human desires. She's forced to keep Madara entertained, but he demands much more from her.

She has to figure out how to balance keeping her sanity and staying alive. The story is Temari centric.

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But others pop up every now and then. Let's keep him safe together by SergeantShinoaHiiragi reviews Shinoa is in her hospital bed alone one night when Mika pays her an unexpected visit. And in spite of the rough start of their relationship, the two of them find one common thing to fight for together: Yuu. Don't leave me by Suki90 reviews While Mika was debating internally between whether or not understand what Yuu was feeling, the black haired guy squeezed Shinoa a little more at him, thinking about what to do to help her, but nothing came to his mind.

Refusing to let go of her hardheaded ways, she is confronted by an annoyed Corporal Levi.


He demands she take responsibility, as a liability, he orders her to take leave. Can the duo handle the feelings that begin to seep to the surface? We're Family by Suki90 reviews He didn't understand why he said all this only to her, Kimizuki, Yoichi and Mitsuba were as important as she was, and they deserved to know, but he just… had that necessity, and that's all what he knew.

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How to Score a Vampire by shashaway reviews Library is boring. Except when you have a pretty blond vampire you have to score a date with. The Dusk by shashaway reviews Shinoa is trying to build her life without Yuu, and to keep her promise about Mika. Maybe, she'll find herself a happy ending too. He just never thought he would lose his best friend in the process. One drop of her blood, he lost himself in her being. How could that succubus, His Lavender Girl, entrance him like this? Crowley Eusford x Shinoa Hiragii. Ackerman by Coco reviews Ella es una Ackerman, y hasta donde Kenny, su tutor, le ha dicho es signo de mala fortuna, malas decisiones y autosabotaje.

Silencios by Shiga San reviews Nicolas no necesita palabras para disfrutar del mundo.

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Sus silencios son mucho mas que una simple forma de vida. A partir de entonces, desea encontrar un modo de que sus silencios sean mucho mas que palabras para ella. Nicolas x Alex Gangsta. Amaranthine by Smoochynose reviews There's a girl and there's a god.

That's something that never really changes across the centuries. Gaara had one rule: hurt Temari, and I will hurt you. Shikamaru didn't think he'd ever actually have to face the consequences of breaking that rule. Please Review! Personal Space by 1tskillingm3 reviews Most people seemed to operate around each other as if there were invisible bubbles that separated them. Then there were those people who did not seem to grasp this concept. If you moved back, they'd seem to unconsciously drift even closer. Or the one where Bokuto has no sense of personal space and Akaashi has to deal.

It's the afternoon of the Academy entrance ceremony, and Shikadai is devastated when Shikamaru doesn't show up. After all, what could be more important than seeing his son ushered into the Academy? Cuando es abandonada en el bosque, en lugar de encontrar una bestia abominable, encuentra a un solitario muchacho. An affair forbidden Guren Ichinose x Shinoa Hiragii. Old Marrieds by sinemoras09 reviews The nature of their relationship. I realy hope you enjoy, and I'm sorry. The way they see us by Rose-Aki reviews How different people found out about Kakashi's and Anko's relationship and an insight on their thoughts.

Humans can't entice me like you do.

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Modern Fantasy! Where there are words by troopertrish reviews After everything they've been through, Rukia starts harboring feelings for Ichigo. With trouble brewing, however, Rukia's efforts to keep things normal with Ichigo only end up making a big mess of their friendship. When Ichigo finally confronts Rukia about her feelings, he says some things that hurt Rukia more deeply than he thought. Superman by Darksknight reviews Watch me unfold.

Watch me burn like you were supposed to. Ichigo-centric, placed after winter war. Chapter 2; Orihime-centric.

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Sado, Uryuu I. Sister to post-canon drabble dump: days later. Shoka reviews A collection of drabbles focusing on Levi and Hanji's relationship in and out of the Survey Corps told from alternative views. The two learn to tolerate each other, comfort each other, while also loving each through difficult times. Other characters will also make appearances. Ratings will vary. Into Ashphalt by therewithasmile reviews Someone stumbled from the darkness, a tall gangly sort of man who was currently rubbing his foot.

He straightened, black hair somehow still erect in a spiky ponytail, his dark chocolate eyes narrowing before seizing Temari up. And then he groaned. Undefined by daniiphantom reviews Yato and Kofuku have a conversation about what the future holds. This was written about a year ago, and is about my old otp Yato and Kofuku. Jazmines en el cerebro by BioniqueRouge reviews Chouji tiene flores en la cabeza.

Entre dudas y universos, se enamora. Este fic participa en el reto de la Aldea Oculta entre las Hojas. Hazelnuts and Smirks by inuyasha's lullaby - farewell reviews He always remembers her order. It's all for the team's sake by Lia-Osaka92 reviews Everyone with a pair of eyes and two working brain cells knows that Hinata and Kageyama like each other, except for the pair themselves.

Suga decides enough is enough and devises a plan to push them in the right direction. Promesas de Jade by Liridetti reviews Se desvanecieron con el viento. Fueron destrozadas sin piedad, como el cuello de sus familiares.

Simple Curiosity by taylortot reviews a shared first kiss. No one person could even try to do it alone. This still doesn't quite explain why Shinoa and Mika have teamed up, but surely Yu's worth putting up with one another The Mighty Will Fall by Eucleia reviews His exhausted heart and stubborn tenderness for her told him that he was human.

Her aching chest and guilty weaknesses told her that she loved him.

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A series of RivaMika oneshots and drabbles that I've decided to dump here because I have too many. Are You Going to Tell Her? Needless to say, that failed rather miserably. A Lost Thought by Mystic Storys reviews After finding out that Mika is still alive and so much more Yu feels overwhelmed and there is only one place he feels can give him clarity and security. Lazy Love by existence reviews Love doesn't get more dysfunctional than this. Then again, it doesn't get more passionate either. Drabbles in the life of Shikamaru and Temari, all words and under. Follow the adventures of the strongest couple in the world!