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Out came the feeling-thought that caused me to be angry and defensive or aggressive.

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When I was in this state, I could not stop the flow of energy. I was already flooded with anger and the accompanying physical reactions and supporting thoughts. My work has been to discover how to detect the approach of the beast of thoughts and feelings, so as to control it before it is too late. When I realize in time that it has arrived and I am reacting, it is still possible to escape its claws.

I have asked myself, "Has losing my temper produced positive results? I remember a very frustrating experience with a dealer over a car I had, which broke down frequently and nobody could fix. It all came to a head one day.

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I got very angry with the car dealer. I lost control, or I could say the beast gained control. I used all the tactics I had in my anger repertoire. I cried, I accused, I swore, and I threatened. I even carried out one threat and wrote a nasty note to the dealer's national customer service.

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The result? The car was still not fixed and customer service wrote that the dealer said I was hysterical and irrational. My efforts had been a complete failure. Many years later, an angry parent at my school lashed out at me. The play yard gate did not stay closed securely.

Though I attempted to address his complaint and fix the gate, he left angry and upset. I remained silent, I didn't react, my arms were "holding closed the jaws of the lion. I wrote back my view of the situation and his angry reaction. The incident was excused-without anger or defense on my part. It seemed that years of work had paid off.

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When the beast of my temper was baited, I was able to control it. Instead of reacting to the parent's suggestions that seemed aggressive to me with a counter attack of my own, I had remained calm and was able to address his complaint. Can it really be that simple? I am not so sure. Inner life and working with thoughts and feelings happens at many levels simultaneously. Although I did manage to control my reaction on that occasion, I was unaware of what was brewing beneath my consciousness. Eight months later, someone close to me complained about the gate not closing properly and advised me to fix it right away.

I blew up, got angry, and all my reactions poured out. And when I defended myself, it was me, the angry one, who was at fault. I hadn't worked the situation out. Not only had I not fixed the gate adequately so there would be no more problems with it, I had repressed my reaction to the angry parent's accusation.

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